Marketing Workshop

Marketing Workshop

Marketing workshop was unique opportunity to compare different visions how to understand the social marketing and business.

Nowadays, the competition is high, factors for differences are obligatory for job market.

Beyond this skill differences, we can check the necessity to count with strategy of communication and marketing, from the personal label to the final product design.

The first two days have been very intense and rich in developing and consolidating skills and learnings, specifically in the topics of personal branding, social marketing and its combining processes.

We started with some development in communication strategy to plan the promotion for two events – Estonia 100 and Human Library. Then, we discovered new channels to reach the community and target groups and new tools for publicity materials that we have to create for events.

The experience has been very enriching us especially from the point of view of practical experience and real strategic planning.

The exchange of cultures and visions makes the workshops more constructive and innovative.

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