Financial Management Workshop

Financial Management Workshop

SCIENTIA NEMUS Association announces the start of the second transnational workshop for implementing the entrepreneurial course, having the topic in Financial Management.

The workshop is organized within the project: Partnership for Entrepreneurial Advance of Society In A Productive On Going Development (PEAS IN A POD), financed by European Commission through Erasmus + program, and it is coordinated by SCIENTIA NEMUS Association, in partnership with LOS-Liberecka obcanska spolecnost, z.s. – Czech Republic, Xeración Asociación Cultural – Spain and Laborsano – Gestão e Serviços, Lda – Portugal.
The general aim of the project is offering learning and training opportunities for a number of 32 trainers, in order to perform an integrated program of entrepreneurship, by each of the four partner organizations.

In order to reach this objective, between 25th – 30th August 2017, 8 adult trainers from the 4 countries will enrich competences in entrepreneurial education. Moreover, the workshop aims to establish the structure and the content of Financial Management course, respective the practical activities, that will be carried out during this week. The event is organized by LOS-Liberecka obcanska spolecnost, z.s. and will be held in Liberec, Czech Republic.

This workshop represents the second from a total of 4 workshops, all aiming the implementation of an integrated educational program, by developing the entrepreneurship at an European level. In March 2017, the workshop was held on the topic of organizational management, and, in the next months there will be held transnational workshops in Spain – Marketing and Portugal – Entrepreneurship in European context.

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