Preparation for the Transnational Meeting from Romania

Preparation for the Transnational Meeting from Romania

Preparation of the 1st Transnational Meeting of PEAS In A POD project, that is going to take place in Romania, at the end of November started in October and continued at the beginning of November. The Romanian team made practical arrangements for receiving the participants at the TM, provided useful information regarding on how to arrive to Drobeta Turnu-Severin (the venue of the meeting). The project manager prepared the meeting agenda and together with the Technical Coordinator elaborated the Info-pack for the participants.

The participants from each partner organisation made travel arrangements: booking flights, prepare informations for the meeting

Main objectives of the Transnational Meeting:

  • Presentantion of the entire project to the parteners
  • Planning the whole activities for the next six months, dividing the tasks and establishing responsabilities and deadlines.
  • Discussing how to accomplish the activities and tasks of the project.
  • Discussing financial issues.
  • Rearange some of the activities in the project’s timetable (if necessary)
  • To share experiences, challenges and tehnical knowledge on how to better address the planned activities

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